Why every computer user should be aware of ergonomics?

Since the era of PC in almost every household and extended computer use at almost all workplaces, RSI (Repetitive strain injuries) has become a common occurrence. Neck aches and pains, shoulder aches and pains, wrist joint pains, hand pains, back pains have become common complaints because of overuse of these joints and awkward posture for prolonged periods of time. Computer ergonomics works to help prevent and/or minimize these injuries over a period of time.

Until a few years ago, computer ergonomics was mainly applicable to stabilize people's environment at work. But now, even the kids are using the computer to do their homework, their projects and most of their studying, and adults are using the computer at work and at home, frequently for a prolonged period of time. This is an aspect of life that all of us have to put thought into.

Is it worth investing the monies to help minimize the long-time effects of prolonged computer use? A laptop stand / mobile device raiser to elevate your laptop, ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse (don’t compromise on size – some have bigger hand size) or (hand-dominance – right or left handed people). These three are good beginners. Good Ergonomic chair and desk monitor arm to elevate your monitor, armrest and many others can follow later.

 In upcoming weeks, I will be sharing why each of these is important to incorporate in your daily life of computer use.

 Thank you for taking the time to read.

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