Monitor Arm?? What’s the point here?

Monitor mount or Monitor Arm is a strong flexible ergonomic arm that supports your monitors. The difference between ergonomic and traditional monitor arm is that Ergonomic monitor arms allow you to move and adjust the height, angle, or positions of your monitor, however, the traditional one holds your monitor in a stationary locked position.

Good Posture after use of monitor arm to raise the monitor

Having a comfortable set up of your workstation has a significant impact on your performance and productivity. A bent posture can quickly lead to neck problems. In this posture, the weight of your head ensures that the force on the neck muscles quickly increases to a whopping 59lbs! Using a monitor arm, you can quickly and easily raise the screen to eye level.

When you are focusing on your project/work and get deeply engrossed, it creates strain on your eyes, neck, shoulders, and back, without you even feeling it for a while. Using a monitor arm that sets your screen to eye level, reduces the strain considerably. You also automatically adopt a straight working posture. 

Your eyes are leveled to your screen and your posture corrects itself to sit taller. These are health benefits.

Posture of person looking at a screen with bent neck

There are other benefits too.

 Beautification - By elevating your monitor, you can create more desk space. It is great to create space efficiency. Less Clutter and more space always beautify a space. Also, when you are not using the monitor, you can direct it away from your desk. (in case of smaller workspace).

 Flexibility – If you are working with an adjustable or sit-stand desk, the monitor arm’s height and angle can be adjusted, whether you are sitting or standing.

 Expansion – With most ergonomic arms, you can start with a single monitor arm and expand to add more, as you become increasingly busy and need multiple screens to be displayed.

R-Go Tools monitor arms are modularly designed so that you can create an ergonomic workplace in any situation. Do you work with multiple screens or do you like to use a document holder or laptop arm? It's all possible with separate modules. Visit R-Go Tools online store in the USA for details on the monitor arms and for purchase.


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